The Brilliant Benefits of Winter Residentials

Six compelling reasons why schools should plan winter residentials.

More information about Learning Away.

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More Than Just A Ski Trip

New research into the impact of school field trips on students’ aptitudes for learning, indicates that certain types of ‘character development’ intervention can positively influence the quality of key student-to-teacher and student-to-student relationships. Moreover, the research suggests that the improvement of these relationships provides a more solid foundation for the development of both desirable characteristics and academic progress.

A copy of the research report is available here.

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Kids Microadventure

Middleham School microadventure with Alastair Humphries.

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New YHA School Trips Web Site

The YHA have a new School Trips web site which provides easy access to a wide range of information on places to stay and things to do. You can also find out more about their Breaks for Kids bursary which provides funding for visits to youth hostels for those in need of financial help.

Visit: and

YHA web site

More information available from:

Michael Sabin, Group Sales Manager, YHA England & Wales, Trevelyan House, Dimple Road, Matlock, Derbyshire, DE4 3YH. Tel: 01629 592705 Mobile: 0784 3344646 Web:


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Walk to School Week 2017

Walk to school week for Barnsley schools takes place from Monday 15 to Friday 19 May. More information and to get involved below. walk to school week 2017More information and an application form is available here

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Great Adventures? Adventure learning theory


Simon Beames, lecturer in outdoor learning at Edinburgh University, presents a framework for adventurous learning that can be used to analyse your own teaching practices.

“The trusty Oxford Concise  dictionary tells us that an adventure is an ‘unusual, exciting, or daring experience’. Scholars tell us its ‘outcomes cannot be predicted to any great degree’ (Higgins, 2001) and that it involves ‘a  degree of uncertainty’ (Mortlock, 1984). Perhaps, most importantly, an adventure is ‘a challenge that will demand the best of our capabilities — physically, mentally, emotionally’. As we dig deeper in to the meanings of adventure, we see how it is individually and culturally relative. People have their own subject views on what constitutes an adventure and what doesn’t.” 

Read Great Adventures? here

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On the Wildness of Children


There is some dawning awareness these days of the insanity of raising children almost entirely indoors…..

A thought provoking essay by Carol Black, writer, filmmaker and director of the documentary film Schooling the World.

Read On the Wildness of Children here

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School’s Out: Lessons from a Forest Kindergarten

No classroom for these school children: this documentary film takes us to a forest kindergarten in Switzerland where children age 4 to 7 spend every day outside in the forest.

This is a thought-provoking film about public education in early childhood.

By U.S. director Lisa Molomot and producer Rona Richter. With animations by multimedia designer Ingeborg Dena Faber.

School’s Out: Lessons from a Forest Kindergarten (Trailer) from Otis Films on Vimeo.

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New GCSE, AS/A level Geography Fieldwork Guide


A new GCSE, AS/A level Geography Fieldwork Guide has been published by Edexcel, produced in association with the Field Studies Council, the Geographical Association and the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG).

This Geography Fieldwork Guide is designed for use by teachers of GCSE and AS/A level Geography. It provides high quality support for teachers undertaking fieldwork as well as preparation for the independent investigation.

This Guide includes Department for Education requirements and support for planning and recommendations to provide a meaningful and clearly structured approach to fieldwork.

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First Aid Friends Programme for Schools: KS1 and KS2 First Aid Friends Programme has been written and developed by Emma Gaskell & Sarah Moses of Discovery Training (Yorkshire) Ltd:

It provides a carefully planned developmental opportunity of learning through which children acquire knowledge and life skills in First Aid.

The programme is innovative, rich, interactive and exciting.

Its aim is to provide teachers and school staff with up to date knowledge, skills and confidence to plan a comprehensive and informative first aid programme for children that can be delivered flexibly in a variety of ways (including a series of short sessions, workshops and activities) and includes a mixture of theoretical and practical elements.

The programme focusses on three main elements:

  • Keeping safe (themselves and others) by identifying risks, dangers and hazards in a range of different situations
  • Developing life skills through the teaching of basic first aid
  • Building confidence, resilience and positive self esteem

The programme also equips children with the skills and strategies to live a safe life and apply their learning to real life experiences.

Staff Training
We are offering workshop style training sessions for those who will be responsible for delivering the programme to children. The training session will allow teachers, practitioners, assistants and volunteers to learn about the programme and explore the resources and activities. It will also enable them to develop their knowledge and skills in first aid and confidence to deliver first aid sessions to others.

More detailed information, including staff training sessions, available at or contact Discovery Training via e: t: 01226 730940 m: 07435964271.

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