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New Ski Way Code Video

Safe skiing and boarding, know the rules of the road. New Ski Way Code video from Snowsport England. Advertisements

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The Brilliant Benefits of Winter Residentials

Six compelling reasons why schools should plan winter residentials. More information about Learning Away.

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More Than Just A Ski Trip

New research into the impact of school field trips on students’ aptitudes for learning, indicates that certain types of ‘character development’ intervention can positively influence the quality of key student-to-teacher and student-to-student relationships. Moreover, the research suggests that the improvement … Continue reading

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Kids Microadventure

Middleham School microadventure with Alastair Humphries.

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Great Adventures? Adventure learning theory

Simon Beames, lecturer in outdoor learning at Edinburgh University, presents a framework for adventurous learning that can be used to analyse your own teaching practices. “The trusty Oxford Concise  dictionary tells us that an adventure is an ‘unusual, exciting, or daring experience’. Scholars tell us its ‘outcomes cannot be predicted to any great degree’ (Higgins, 2001) and … Continue reading

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On the Wildness of Children

There is some dawning awareness these days of the insanity of raising children almost entirely indoors….. A thought provoking essay by Carol Black, writer, filmmaker and director of the documentary film Schooling the World. Read On the Wildness of Children … Continue reading

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School’s Out: Lessons from a Forest Kindergarten

No classroom for these school children: this documentary film takes us to a forest kindergarten in Switzerland where children age 4 to 7 spend every day outside in the forest. This is a thought-provoking film about public education in early … Continue reading

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Educational Visits & Journeys Guidance Revised November 2015

A revised version of the LA’s educational visits guidelines is now available entitled “Organising Visits & Journeys: Educational Visits and Outdoor Education Standards and Guidelines ”. It is dated November 2015. This replaces the previous edition dated March 2011. Please … Continue reading

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The Expedition – Educational Resource

The Expedition role play activity – the Royal Scottish Geographical Society. The Expedition follows the story of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition of 1914-1916 led by Sir Ernest Shackleton. However, the resource does not reference names, specific locations or the year. … Continue reading

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Safer Adventures: Managing the risks of adventure travel

BS 8848 is the British Standard for organising and managing visits, fieldwork, expeditions and adventurous activities outside the UK. The Royal Geographical Society with the Institute of British Geographers (RGS-IBG) was on the British Standards Institution (BSI) technical committee that … Continue reading

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