As many schools are now considering converting to, or have already converted to, Academy status, it will be worth considering how to continue receiving support for educational visits and activities, and also why this may be necessary.

When a local authority school becomes an academy all statutory duties relating to health and safety and associated legislation transfer from the LA directly to the school. The school becomes the duty-holder in law, it is no longer the local authority. These duties relate not only to health and safety matters for activities on the school site, but also to activities taking place off-site during educational visits.

What this means in practice is that newly converted academies will need to ensure they have in place systems, processes and procedures to ensure they have access to up to date and well-informed advice, guidance, training and information to make sure they discharge their new statutory duties in this field.

This can be achieved by choosing to continue to receive support from the BMBC Educational Visits Advisory Service. The only difference to the nature of the support currently provided to local authority schools will be that the service will need to bought back via a service contract/service level agreement for an annual fee. It will be worth considering this issue before conversion to academy status rather than leaving it too close to the date of conversion to ensure continuity of service.

Further information
More detailed information on service provision, including fees, detailed service specification and service agreement is available on request from e: t: 01226 773586 m: 07824 351133.

Any schools wishing to arrange a meeting to discuss this support further or for a review of services, please do not hesitate to get in touch via the contact information above.