Antarctica, Weddell Sea Expedition 2019, Free Teaching Resources from the RGS


Free teaching resources are available from the Royal Geographical Society. Follow the expedition as it takes place this January and February. You can follow the expedition on the Weddell Sea Expedition Facebook pages, on their Twitter account and on the Expedition Web Site.

Bringing together world-leading experts in polar and marine exploration in a mission to solve unanswered questions about one of the most remote and least-studied wilderness areas on our planet.

The expedition will:

  • Investigate the ice shelves around the Weddell Sea and, in particular, the Larsen C
  • Ice Shelf from which a giant iceberg broke off in July 2017.
  • Document the rich and little-studied marine life of the western Weddell Sea ecosystem.
  • Attempt to locate and survey the wreck of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s ship Endurance, which was trapped and crushed by the ice and sank in the Weddell Sea in 1915.

The Society is working with the expedition to provide educational resources to inspire young people about science, engineering and technology, as well as the protection of Antarctica, and will ensure that its research and findings are shared as widely as possible to students and schools around the world.

For free teaching resources about the Weddell Sea Expedition 2019 and about Antarctica for primary and secondary schools visit the Royal Geographical Society Weddell Sea Expedition pages.

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