Free Outdoor Learning Resources for Primary Schools


Free outdoor learning resources from the Times Educational Supplement.

Embrace the learning potential of the outdoor environment with this hand-picked selection of resources

As unpredictable as the British weather is, you can guarantee that as soon as the sun does come out your pupils will be longingly staring out the window and asking, “Miss, can we work outside?” And, who are we kidding; it’s probably where you want to be too!

That’s why we’ve gathered together an engaging collection of ideas for both core and cross-curricular lessons, designed to get students out in the fresh air. From investigation to imagination, outdoor learning will feel like a treat for your class this summer.

Core subject resources

The great outdoors, also known as your school playground, has the potential to bring maths lessons to life. This tree challenge activity, based on calculating the age of a tree, allows students to demonstrate their understanding of measurement in an interesting way. Similarly, captivate budding detectives with this easy-to-use maths trail, testing their knowledge of a variety of topics as they solve a puzzle.

Explore the world of flowers, fruits and seeds with this scientific resource pack, containing an array of activities to help learners understand the lifecycle of plants and seed dispersal. Alternatively, let nature inspire your pupils’ writing outside of the classroom with the suggestions in this booklet.

More information and access to additional resources from TES here.

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