RGS & Geographical Young Geographer of the Year Competition

rgs ygoty

What makes the Arctic unique?

This year’s Young Geographer of the Year competition gives pupils the opportunity to explore the geography of the Arctic – in doing so, they will discover what makes this polar environment so unique.

The Arctic is an environment like no other. It is home to four million people, supports an abundance of uniquely adapted wildlife, and plays an important role in moderating the world’s climate system. However, the Arctic is a dynamic environment that is undergoing change. How do these changes affect the Arctic itself and the rest of the world?

The competition has four categories: KS2 (pupils aged 9-11), KS3 (pupils aged 11-14), GCSE (pupils aged 14-16) and A Level (pupils aged 16-18). The Society encourages schools to run their own semi-finals before entering their top-placed entries into the national competition. For more information on the Arctic see the Discovering the Arctic website and the NERC Arctic Office website.

The deadline for all entries is 5.00pm on Wednesday 10 October 2018.

More information.

Young Geographer of the Year Competition Guidelines

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