First Aid Friends Programme for Schools: KS1 and KS2 First Aid Friends Programme has been written and developed by Emma Gaskell & Sarah Moses of Discovery Training (Yorkshire) Ltd:

It provides a carefully planned developmental opportunity of learning through which children acquire knowledge and life skills in First Aid.

The programme is innovative, rich, interactive and exciting.

Its aim is to provide teachers and school staff with up to date knowledge, skills and confidence to plan a comprehensive and informative first aid programme for children that can be delivered flexibly in a variety of ways (including a series of short sessions, workshops and activities) and includes a mixture of theoretical and practical elements.

The programme focusses on three main elements:

  • Keeping safe (themselves and others) by identifying risks, dangers and hazards in a range of different situations
  • Developing life skills through the teaching of basic first aid
  • Building confidence, resilience and positive self esteem

The programme also equips children with the skills and strategies to live a safe life and apply their learning to real life experiences.

Staff Training
We are offering workshop style training sessions for those who will be responsible for delivering the programme to children. The training session will allow teachers, practitioners, assistants and volunteers to learn about the programme and explore the resources and activities. It will also enable them to develop their knowledge and skills in first aid and confidence to deliver first aid sessions to others.

More detailed information, including staff training sessions, available at or contact Discovery Training via e: t: 01226 730940 m: 07435964271.

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