Young Geographer of the Year competition 2014

YGOTYFrom the Royal Geographical Society with the Insititue of British Geographers (RGS-IBG):

Young Geographer of the Year (YGOTY) competition, run in partnership with the Geographical, is for geography pupils aged nine to 18.  It is awarded every year alongside the Rex Walford award which recognises the work of a trainee or new geography teacher. 

The question for 2014 ‘How can geography help you?’

Pupils are asked to relate the value of geography to a number of different settings. The significance of both human and physical geography could be considered at a variety of different levels.  Pupils should demonstrate how geography can support their everyday lives, improve their understanding of the world’s people, places and environments and help to prepare them for life beyond school.

We want to hear how geography, be it the knowledge young people learn, the understanding they gain, or skills they develop, helps them in different aspects of their lives.

The competition has four categories: 9-11(Key Stage Two), 11-14 (Key Stage Three), 14-16 (GCSE) and 16-18 (A Level students).

2014 guidelines(PDF)

2014 entry form PDF | MSWORD

This entry certificate (PDF) can be used for students who enter the competition.

Closing date
The deadline for entries is 17.00 Friday 24 October 2014.

The winners will receive their prizes at a special ceremony at the Society’s headquarters in Kensington, London on Friday 28th November 2014.

More detailed information here.

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