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At Plantlife we are excited to see the knowing of common plants highlighted in the new curriculum and we hope that our developing bank of meadows resources will not only help support learning around this area but contribute to other areas such as working scientifically, habitats and food chains. We are particularly keen in supporting the development of enquiry and investigation skills.

Meadow Resources
Here are links to a bank of new resources available to download today:

1) Defining the meadow habitat and card set 1 
2) What are meadow plants? and card set 2
3) What mini-beasts live in meadows?
4) How do mini-beasts move in meadows?
5) Identifying meadow plants

Please also find a link to our last Bee Scene newsletter which focussed on meadows.

 Next newsletter
Our next newsletter due out in September will focus on rocks and soils and we will also be providing a table illustrating how a range of our resources link to the new national curriculum in England.

Bee Scene
We are excited by the number of schools who have told us they would like to get involved with our Bee Scene survey this year and look forward to seeing your results posted on our website

Wishing you all the best and wonderful weather for the summer term

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