The Peak District Award

The Peak District Award, offered by the Peak District National Park Learning and Discovery Team, is designed to celebrate the special qualities of the National Park and recognise the involvement of visitors and residents in the Peak District National Park. The Award aims to encourage participants to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the features that make it such a special, valued and characteristic place. It is centred on three key questions that should guide you through the award:

• What special quality of the area are you going to find out about?
• Why did you choose this particular special quality?
• How are going to find out about the special quality?

The Award is designed to be very flexible, all that’s required is:

• Make at least one visit to the Peak District National Park.
• Choose a special quality unique to the National Park.
• Spend time working on the Award.
• Keep a record of your personal progression.
• Celebrate your achievement.

Get your Award application form from the Award Team (contact details below) or download a form from the Award web pages and think of a great proposal so we can give you the go ahead to start the Award. A range of explanatory documents and guidance materials are available here.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about the Peak District Award please contact the Peak District Awards Team by calling 01433 620 373 or emailing

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