Revised Guidance: Managing Medical Needs and Infection Control

In conjunction with the South West Yorkshire Foundation Trust (SWYFT) and the Barnsley Hospital National Foundation Trust (BHNFT), the Health, Safety and Emergency Resilience Unit have revised the guidance they issue to schools and child care settings regarding the management of medical needs and infection control.

Changes to the guidance include:

  • the update of information and advice to conform with current medical practice and recommendations
  • update of contact names and numbers
  • streamlining of consent forms to reduce duplication of detail and information
  • additionally, unlike the previous document, this is no longer a policy in itself since it forms anarrangement of the main health and safety policy which should be annually approved by the Governing Body. Therefore it is no longer necessary to take this document to governors for approval.

The guidance consists of:

  • general guidance on the administration of medicines
  • school specific arrangements for the administration of medicines
  • information and action cards regarding specific conditions, diseases and infections
  • useful contacts
  • consent forms and medical records

The guidance on Managing Medical Needs and Infection Control can be downloaded from the Health and Safety for Schools Website by clicking on the ‘Medical Needs and Infection Control’ section within the A-Z of Safety Standards or through the School Policies section.

All headteachers should read the guidance, consult with governors to determine the schools stance on administering medicines, disseminate the guidance to any staff to whom it has particular implications (eg first aiders, PE teachers, office staff, visits and journeys coordinators), brief all staff on any changes to school arrangements and implement the use of the revised forms at the earliest possible convenience.

If you have any queries relating to this process, please contact the Health, Safety and Emergency Resilience Unit on 01226 772274.

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