New Version of Evolve Coming Soon

A new look version of the Evolve online visits system has recently been released. Many schools and local authorities across the country are now using the new version successfully.

We will be making the switch to the new version soon.

The new look version has the same functions as the current version. The main differences you will see are that it uses more icons and also tabs to divide up the various sections on the screen.

It’s just as simple to use as the current version (some say it’s even more straightforward) and has a comprehensive help section included. If anyone would like a briefing on the new version, please get in touch, although most are finding it easy enough to use without.

All current usernames and passwords will work in the new version and all visit information will be there too, along with guidance documents, generic risk assessment templates and other materials.

Any questions or if you need any more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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