Educational Visits & Journeys Guidance Revised March 2011

A revised version of the LA’s educational visits guidelines is now available entitled “Organising Visits & Journeys: educational visits and outdoor activities guidelines”. It is dated March 2011. This replaces the previous edition dated Spring Term 2006.

Please note the following:

  • this is a revision, not a complete re-write and therefore contains amendments and updates only where needed;
  • hard copies are not being produced, instead there is an electronic version only, available on the home page of Evolve after log in on the Evolve visits system; via the link on the Educational Visits News site (see column on the right); and on the intranet via the CYPF Index page, under school visits and outdoor education;
  • please replace existing hard and electronic copies held locally with this revised version.

Main changes are as follows:

  • contains amendments issued since last edition (spring term 2006);
  • reference to Evolve system throughout;
  • latest BCU guidelines included for kayaking/canoeing (annexe 21)
  • new school-led adventurous activities qualifications “registration” requirements (p. 88);
  • visit planning checklist now included in annexes (annexe 27);
  • additional provider accreditation information included (see pp. 96/97).
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