Sustainable School Trips – Goldthorpe Primary School

Goldthorpe Primary School is an Eco-School in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. They have a very positive approach to learning outside the classroom which is based on maximising time outdoors and using local environments as much as possible.

This article from outdoor education teacher Christopher Wharton-Lovett provides a great insight into their work.

To see a larger version of the article for reading click here.


Published in the School Travel Organiser Magazine Nov/Dec 2018 edition.

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YHA – Discover the Adventure Effect

Travel and adventure are crucial to young people’s growth, but so many are missing out on experiences that can transform their lives.

Welcome to our experiment. Over three days, we took adventure away from Alastair Humphreys, a professional adventurer who thrives in the outdoors. Meanwhile, we gave five children a unique adventure away from home to see how much they gained. Watch what happened.

More information about YHA at

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Learning Through Landscapes


Learning through Landscapes is the UK charity dedicated to enhancing outdoor learning and play for children.

Learning through Landscapes surveys of schools who have improved their grounds demonstrate the benefits:

  • 85% of teachers said it resulted in more creative learning and environmental awareness.
  • 85% said that healthy active play had increased.
  • 65% observed improved attitudes to learning.
  • 73% said behaviour had improved
  • 64% reported reduced bullying
  • 84% reported improved social interaction

More information, the opportunity to join Learning through Landscapes free of charge, access to free of charge educational resources and information about valuable CPD opportunities here.

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Useful Tips if your Footpath Crosses a Field of Cows

Some helpful tips from Headys Farm on Twitter on how to cross a field of cows if this is where your footpath takes you when out walking.

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HSE Urge Review of School Grounds Traffic Safety


Following its investigation into the death of a Bridgend school pupil, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has urged schools to review traffic arrangements within their grounds, and where possible design layouts so pupils are separated from moving traffic. For more information see this link.


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New Skiway Code Video from Snowsport England

Planning a ski trip this winter? Have a look at the Skiway code to know the correct procedures to follow when you’re on the slopes. Produced by Snowsport England in association with Halsbury Ski.

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Free Outdoor Learning Resources for Primary Schools


Free outdoor learning resources from the Times Educational Supplement.

Embrace the learning potential of the outdoor environment with this hand-picked selection of resources

As unpredictable as the British weather is, you can guarantee that as soon as the sun does come out your pupils will be longingly staring out the window and asking, “Miss, can we work outside?” And, who are we kidding; it’s probably where you want to be too!

That’s why we’ve gathered together an engaging collection of ideas for both core and cross-curricular lessons, designed to get students out in the fresh air. From investigation to imagination, outdoor learning will feel like a treat for your class this summer.

Core subject resources

The great outdoors, also known as your school playground, has the potential to bring maths lessons to life. This tree challenge activity, based on calculating the age of a tree, allows students to demonstrate their understanding of measurement in an interesting way. Similarly, captivate budding detectives with this easy-to-use maths trail, testing their knowledge of a variety of topics as they solve a puzzle.

Explore the world of flowers, fruits and seeds with this scientific resource pack, containing an array of activities to help learners understand the lifecycle of plants and seed dispersal. Alternatively, let nature inspire your pupils’ writing outside of the classroom with the suggestions in this booklet.

More information and access to additional resources from TES here.

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RGS & Geographical Young Geographer of the Year Competition

rgs ygoty

What makes the Arctic unique?

This year’s Young Geographer of the Year competition gives pupils the opportunity to explore the geography of the Arctic – in doing so, they will discover what makes this polar environment so unique.

The Arctic is an environment like no other. It is home to four million people, supports an abundance of uniquely adapted wildlife, and plays an important role in moderating the world’s climate system. However, the Arctic is a dynamic environment that is undergoing change. How do these changes affect the Arctic itself and the rest of the world?

The competition has four categories: KS2 (pupils aged 9-11), KS3 (pupils aged 11-14), GCSE (pupils aged 14-16) and A Level (pupils aged 16-18). The Society encourages schools to run their own semi-finals before entering their top-placed entries into the national competition. For more information on the Arctic see the Discovering the Arctic website and the NERC Arctic Office website.

The deadline for all entries is 5.00pm on Wednesday 10 October 2018.

More information.

Young Geographer of the Year Competition Guidelines

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Outdoor Classroom Day


Outdoor Classroom Day is a global campaign to celebrate and inspire outdoor learning and play. On the day, thousands of schools around the world take lessons outdoors and prioritise playtime. In 2017, over 2.3 million children worldwide took part, more than 580,000 of those were in the UK and Ireland.

Outdoor learning improves children’s health, engages them with learning and leads to a greater connection with nature. Play not only teaches critical life skills such as resilience, teamwork and creativity, but is central to children’s enjoyment of childhood.

So that schools can participate on a day that fits with their term times, the UK and Ireland campaign has two dates in 2018 — Thursday 17 May and Thursday 1 November. Sign up below for one or both and help build a movement that gets children outdoors to play and learn every day! 

17th May is Outdoor Classroom Day. You can download resources and find out about inspiring ways to get your whole school involved.

More information and how to get involved here.

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Local School Nature Grants Available


The Learning Through Landscapes Trust are offering Local School Nature Grants  which will provide £500 of equipment and a free training session for your school.

The grants provide an assortment of nature equipment up to the value of £500 and a two hour training session. The packages are customisable, enabling Infant, Primary and Secondary schools to choose from a menu of items which best suit their learners and their setting. All schools in England, Scotland and Wales are welcome to apply.

More information and how to apply here.

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